City of American Canyon
To report a problem with a streetlight (day burner, outage, etc):
please call 1-800-LIGHTSON (544-4876)

This page gives you the opportunity to report issues to the Public Works Department, such as:

Street or stop sign down
Traffic Signal problem
Graffiti on city property
Drainage issues
Sidewalk issues

Once your report has been received, a request number will be assigned and Public Works staff will start to work on your request or refer to the appropriate department to assist you (if you aren't sure where to report your problem, we can help you!). An email address is required so that we can keep you informed of the status of your request.

If you do not have an email address or prefer to personally speak with Public Works staff please call (707) 647-4550.

If you have an after-hours emergency, please call the city's answering service at (707) 995-8674

Other important information:

- Report dead animal pick up on a city street - Recology American Canyon 552-3110
- Report stray, injured or dangerous animal - Napa County Animal Control 253-4451
- Report or inquiring about a power outage - PG&E 800-743-5000

If you are having trouble submitting your request through this form, please email your request for assistance.

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