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Work Order Management Module

Fast, scalable, and reliable browser based work order management system for organizing infrastructure services, employees, and jobs.

"It (OPRA) is the slickest system I've seen and I have been looking at these for more than 25 years. It tracks work requests, status, costs, history, has search and sort features, etc. In fact, it is so versatile there wasn't a question we had that OPRA could not answer about work orders."
--- Neil Miller, Director of Public Works for the City of Manhattan Beach.

Originally deployed over the Internet in 1996 the Work Order Module is the flagship module of the growing suite of OPRA tools. OPRA provides the quickest pathway to implementing an eloquent and intuitive solution without going through weeks, months or years of frustration and analysis. Our philosophy is: "If a system is not easy to use - it's not worth using".

Using the OPRA "fuse box", OPRA can be adjusted to conform to any government or corporate environment. With this approach features can quickly be turned on or off depending on business rules. You need site level approvals, great - your done, need service department level approvals - no problem, want OPRA to send a text message to your cell phone or email when an emergency order is placed - OK, want to track fixed assets and maintenance records on those assets - bada-bing bada-boom. These are just a few examples of the hundreds of customized features available within the OPRA's 100% Internet/Intranet application. WITH NO LONG TERM CONTRACT!

We know that once you use OPRA, you will love it - our service can be cancelled with a simple 30 day advance notice from day one. No annual or other long term contracts required!

Work Order Screen Shot

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Key Features:

  • 100% Internet ready - your server or ours
  • Can be up and running in minutes - not days or weeks
  • Web based site order entry /tracking
  • Easy to deploy, train and maintain
  • Unlimited Users - No "Per Seat" fees
  • Instant order status keeps users informed and eliminates costly phone calls
  • On site one-on-one training available, but usually not necessary
  • Supports registered or "Generic Users"
  • May be used by multiple service departments (Facilities, Technology, Transportation, etc..) with no additional charge
  • Approval routing - supports multiple approvers in any combination (Sequentially or in Parallel or both) (optional per service department)
  • History/change log provides complete time/stamped history of any changes to orders (optional)
  • Archived orders can easily be viewed
  • Email or text message notification can alert approvers - you decide this option
  • Email or text message notification reports on completed orders - you decide this option
  • Ties into Asset Module for equipment maintenance history
  • Scheduled and preventative maintenance - Automatic with graphical calendar dsiplay
  • Attach pictures, manuals, procedures, insurance claim forms, etc. to any Work Order
  • Paging alerts for emergency or safety related Work Orders - you decide this option
  • Easy and complete reporting built in- reports can be emailed through OPRA
  • Service department status reports (with 12 color graphs and charts)
  • Data may be downloaded to spreadsheet or CSV file
  • Unlimited labor and materials detail

Work Order Management ModuleFAQ:

Can the OPRA "WORK ORDER" module be used for the computer repair department as well as the facilities maintenance department or the transportation or the ?? department?

YES. Unlimited routing options are supported (for example, Facilities Maintenance, Computer Maintenance, Transportation Requests, etc.). When a work order is generated the end user decides where to route the work request via a popup list that is defined by YOU! You have complete control of routing to any maintenance or service center.

Can I schedule recurring maintenance events with OPRA?
YES, OPRA lets you easily set up regularly schedule preventative maintenance events such as replacing HVAC filters, cleaning, etc… OPRA will automatically generate a work order for these events on that day or as many days advanced notice you may need to prepare.

Is there a flag for safety/emergency issues on the Work Orders?
YES, via a simple check mark box. You may also set up automatic paging, emails or both to alert key people with and safety or high priority issue - you decide

Does OPRA track preventative maintenance materials and labor?
YES, via a check mark box or through the preventative maintenance scheduling/cueing feature that is built into OPRA.

OPRA features pull down menus, pop-up warehouse catalogue selections, full approval routing and accountability. Anyone can be an OPRA expert within ten minutes.







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Work Order Overview
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Work Order Key Features
Work Order FAQ
  • email or text message notification
  • tracks work requests
  • tracks costs
  • searches and sorts
  • and many more



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Who Uses OPRA?
  • School Districts
  • Health Care Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Operations Departments
  • Warehouse Operations
  • and many more...
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